April 16, 2003

Edging ever closer to the end of the novel. I think I am nearing that low ebb of melancholy that so many writers talk about after finishing a book. I find that lately I am of two moods. 1. When I'm working on a scene that I have already sketched out and dreamed about for weeks I feel 'bang on' and very much in the 'flow' of writing. 2. When it's something that has been slower to form in my brain then I feel grumpy and infurated...at myself, the situation and even the characters.

Maybe it's natural, maybe I'm nuts, or maybe I went to see 'the Hours' sleep deprived and depressed.
(note to self...find book on getting a two year old to sleep through the night. OR write a new self help best seller, "writing and motherhood, riding the wave of muddleheaded creativity".)

Then there is the looming quest for publication.
I wish, wish, wish, for a serendipitous encounter with a literary agent. Like the tale of the fledling actress sitting at a soda fountain, discovered at last.

in the meantime...
I have started scouring the web for information. Knowledge is power and all that jolly rot.

publishers weekly
agents forging the trail are mentioned in the 'hot deals' section.

literary agents.org
this site has some solid information and examples pertaining to query letters.