April 25, 2006

Yummy Mummy Goodness!

News Flash...

I'm pleased to announce that Erica Ehm has chosen The Birth House as a book club pick over at Yummy Mummy!

Yes, the Erica Ehm. If you haven't heard, she's got a nifty TV show devoted to motherhood, finding balance in your life, and "parking your guilt at the door". (Gotta love that!)

Best of all, there's a web site to go along with her show and it's full of all kinds of helpful hints, interesting conversation, and a "between the covers" book club.
Here's a Quote from the web site:

A true Yummy Mummy struggles to find the impossible balance between the single sexpot she used to be, the woman she's become, the professional she works hard to be, the wife she aspires to be and the mother she has to be. Basically, she's confused and exhausted.

Forget CEO. THIS is the toughest job in the world. Why didn't anyone warn us?

Visit the Yummy Mummy Club
Check out the Yummy Mummy Between the Covers Book Club

And stay tuned for details of an upcoming Yummy Mummy give away of The Birth House!


radmama said...

That's great!

I'm a "local" who just read your book last week. First novel in years that I have stayed up all night to finish!! If a crazy haired thirty year old woman trailing behind two tall kidlets accosts you in the streets of wolfville, it may be me.

Anonymous said...

Oh God! Since you didn't grow up in Canada you weren't here for Erica's MuchMusic days...I just could not STAND that girl! She had to be the gaudiest dresser in the country, even for the eighties.
On the other hand, I just LOVE your book.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel a cyber-bully for dissing Erica... I'm actually a very nice person...I'm even too ashamed to identify myself.

I hope we'll see a new book in the future.

patricia said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that Erica used to drive me nuts, too, in her MuchMusic days.

But that was a long time ago.

And I think it's FABULOUS that your book has been chosen by her! Congrats, Ami!

You're the yummiest mummy around!