July 18, 2006

shining a book!

The Dutch Cover of The Birth House

The Birth House is now out in The Netherlands via Luitingh ~ Sijthoff. It's amazing to see the title of the book in another language. During the months leading up to the publication, I wondered how my words would come across to people in far away places, if they would connect to what I'd set out to do...even in translation. Happily, a note came to my inbox the other day from a muslim midwife in Holland. She sat down at her computer to send word that she was 'sitting down to tea with Dora and Miss B." I guess through sending a message back, through the wild magic we call cyber space, I joined her for tea as well.

Fun with Babelfish
And here's the kind of fun you can have with Alta Vista's Babelfish translation page...

Here's an online review in Dutch:
compliments of a Dutch lit blog.
Het geboortehuis - Ami McKay
Dora groeit op in een afgelegen dorpje in Nova Scotia. Ze raakt bevriend met Marie Banineau, de plaatselijke vroedvrouw, een zonderlinge, teruggetrokken vrouw. Zij helpt de vrouwen van Scots Bay bij bevallingen. Dora assisteert haar hierbij. Als Marie voelt dat zij niet lang meer te leven heeft, wijst zij Dora aan als haar opvolgster. Dan verschijnt er een jonge arts in het dorp. Hij belooft voor pijnloze en snelle bevallingen te kunnen zorgen. Hij begint al snel kwaad te spreken over de ouderwetse methode van Dora. De bevolking raakt hierdoor verdeeld. Al snel staat Dora er alleen voor. Velen keren zich tegen haar. Ze wordt uitgemaakt voor 'heks' en zelfs beschuldigd van moord. Het grote verschil tussen Dora en de arts is dat zij echt betrokken is bij de vrouwen en ze met man en macht probeert te helpen. De arts gaat meer voor het snelle geld, maar voordat de mensen dat inzien...
Ami McKay beschrijft heel mooi het leven van een vroedvrouw aan het begin van de 20e eeuw. Haar personages worden levendig en met veel gevoel beschreven. Een schitterend boek!
(Monique Leus)

And here is the "translation"
The birth house - Ami McKay Dora grow up in afgelegen a village in nova Scotia. She touches bevriend with Marie Banineau, the local midwife, peculiar, withdrawn woman. She helps the women of Scots Bay with labour. Dora assist her. As Marie feels that she does not have long more to live, wise they Dora as its opvolgster. Then there a young doctor in the village appears. He promises be able ensure painless and fast labour. He starts calumniate already rapidly concerning the old-fashioned method of Dora. The population affects because of this divided. Already fast state Dora only. Many turn themselves against her. She is determined for ' heks ' and even accused of assassination. The large difference between Dora and the doctor is that she is involved really in the women and she tries man and help power with. The doctor goes more for the fast money, but before people realise that... Ami McKay describe very nicely living a midwife at the beginning of the 20th century. Its personages are described living and with much feeling. Shining a book!


Rob said...

I LOVE the jacket - talk about a different approach!

Like you were saying, it must be SO thrilling to see your words in a different language!


Grits said...

What a gorgeous cover! How many diff covers are there?
Ami-darlin, you are touching hearts all over the world. You ROCK, bebe!

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

Why are the covers different in different countries? (Different sensibilities?)


Ami said...

Cover choice can depend on many different factors...
in my case, I have different publishers in different countries, so each of their editorial, design, marketing, and sales personel get together to decide which cover will best suit not only the book, but their readers in their respective countries as well.

As you can see, the UK publisher liked the image from the Canadian design and revamped it for their edition. The US publisher had input from many different sources, including book buyers and decided to go in a different direction from the Canadian and UK versions.

The Dutch cover is yet again different from the other three...and I'm excited to see what the German cover will be like.

Lynn said...

Amazing Ami. I knew you could do it!!!!

Tessa said...

I just read The Birth House for an english course and I am going to read the Dutch version when I can get a copy, I'd love to see how the translator captures the emotion of the book!

Congratulations on having such an international book!