September 29, 2006

what comes around...

This seems only fitting for my 100th post at Incidental Pieces...

One of the added features I came up with for before the launch of the book was The Hysteria Quiz. I thought it would be fun to have a little tongue-in-the-cheeky poke at how doctors diagnosed women with this condition at the turn of the century. I based the questions on various causes and symptoms listed in sources of the time (reading too many novels, taking too many bike rides, writing cramps, weariness, ticklishness, etc.)and my dear husband Ian (and web geek in residence) set to writing the code to make the thing tick.

In the last couple of days there's been quite a spike in hits to the Quiz. Upon further investigation Ian discovered that sites like and the glorious blog, Feministing have posted the quiz in conjunction with a link to an article by Erika Kinetz about hysteria (Is Hysteria Real? Brain Images Say Yes.) that appeared in The New York Times earlier this week.
Thanks to Jessica at Feministing for the nifty graphic and for asking the all important quesion,
Just How Hysterical Are You?

According to our stats, there are an awful lot of you who want an answer!

And just in case you haven't taken it lately...
The Hysteria Quiz

September 24, 2006

WOTS - Halifax

Today I went to Halifax's Word on the Street. It was a fab day for all in the new spacious, dry, and hurricane-free digs at Pier 23!

I kicked off my time there with a bit of reading and then a lively Q&A session led by one of my favourite on-the-scene writers, Sue Carter Flinn. So great to see Sue again along with so many familiar faces.

Here are a few of them...

Although WOTS Halifax didn't feature Ms. Atwood's Long Pen - or as George over at BookNinja affectionately calls it "The Frankenhand" (can't wait to see the pics, George) - we did have one of the most brilliant and amazing hands around...SETH!

My pals Heidi and Hilary from Frog Hollow Books. (Pssst, don't forget they are heading up my reading with Wayne Johnston this Wednesday, September 27 at Dalhousie in Halifax. See more info. HERE. Wayne will be reading from his new novel (long listed for the Giller!) The Custodian of Paradise.

I FINALLY got to meet Beth Powning! What a thrill! She's so down-to-earth, so funny, so kind. Edge Seasons is now out in paperback. Read, read, read it.

Jane Buss and Susan Mersereau of The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia.
I know I've said it before, but the WFNS Mentorship Program (and my stellar mentor, Richard Cumyn)gave me the boost (kick in the rump) I needed to finish the first draft of what would eventually become the Birth House. If you're a writer living in NS, you should go in and chat with Jane...she's inspiration walking.

My good friend, silk artist Holly Carr was on hand to explore colour and to share a beautiful book she's illustrated, What is Pink? She's illuminated the text of Christina Rossetti's poem in her signature Holly-style...with beauty, intensity, and splashes of whimsy. Here's the gorgeous banner she created for a family reading corner at WOTS.