April 08, 2009

the importance of ink and fortune cookies

Every once in a while I feel compelled to make a little window into my writing world. Here's a look at my yesterday. It includes an excerpt and an image from my writing journal.

April 7, 2009
Rain, damp.

Lovely sepia fountain pen ink arrived today. beautiful.
There's something kind and wise in the way it goes down on the page. It tolerates me. It forgives. (A reward for my working things out in my head? For pulling myself up when it would have been easier to forget everything?)

I feel attached to the page again. Not in an unhealthy, greedy way, but more like the feeling of having my hand on a rudder. I can push away - all those questions rippling behind me in the wake.

This is one of my ways of getting the writing started for the day. I take a fortune cookie, crack it open, and let the message guide me in connecting to a character, event or idea. (Tip, you can buy fortune cookies in bulk at the bulk foods store.)

Yesterday's fortune:
That special someone loves to see the light in your eyes.


Rob In Victoria said...

Okay, don't leave us fellow fountain pen fetishists hanging: what kind of sepia ink? And what kind of pen?

Hope it's going well...

Cagney Studio 8 said...

That is so awesome. It reminds me oddly of your old science homework notes! Absolutely beautiful!

Ami said...

Rob, isn't there an alt. group for such private matters ;-)
Ink...I'm kind of a Noodlers girl. This particular bottle of sepia, however was Montblanc.

Among the too many pens and scattered nibs on my desk - I have a Waterman that's far older than I am - I love it, a Sheaffer that's probably too big for my hand (I use it when I'm grumpy,) and a Meisterstuck (I'm not worthy.)

Cagney! I loved making science notes more than I liked the class. (I should have known.) I don't normally like ball point pens, BUT I do remember a day when I used a blue ball point on the brown paper toweling in the lab. Sweet!

Oma said...
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Oma said...

Sorry. I misspelled something and sent the last message off too quickly. I said I was delighted to learn that real writers also resorted to starters. I am going to buy a bag of fortune cookies ... and maybe ink for my seldom used fountain pen. Do you think that might enhance my journal writing?

Anonymous said...

Lot of fortune cookies :) at http://needask.blogspot.com/2001/01/my-cookies.html.

Melvin said...

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