April 08, 2009

the importance of ink and fortune cookies

Every once in a while I feel compelled to make a little window into my writing world. Here's a look at my yesterday. It includes an excerpt and an image from my writing journal.

April 7, 2009
Rain, damp.

Lovely sepia fountain pen ink arrived today. beautiful.
There's something kind and wise in the way it goes down on the page. It tolerates me. It forgives. (A reward for my working things out in my head? For pulling myself up when it would have been easier to forget everything?)

I feel attached to the page again. Not in an unhealthy, greedy way, but more like the feeling of having my hand on a rudder. I can push away - all those questions rippling behind me in the wake.

This is one of my ways of getting the writing started for the day. I take a fortune cookie, crack it open, and let the message guide me in connecting to a character, event or idea. (Tip, you can buy fortune cookies in bulk at the bulk foods store.)

Yesterday's fortune:
That special someone loves to see the light in your eyes.

Twitter, Skype and guest posting, oh my!

I *heart* Book Club Girl...

Through a string of serendipitous tweets on Twitter, I recently found myself honoured to have my latest book club adventure featured at Book Club Girl's blog! You can read all about my first ever Skype-book club -slumber party at Book Club Girl.

By the way... you can join in on all our bookish (and not so bookish) tweets by following:
@SideshowAmi (that's me)

This spring I'll be guest posting at a couple of other literary spots on the "interwebs." One of these places is the newly launched blog of Gaspereau Press. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should! It's a behind the scenes look at the amazing and beautiful work they do there. Everything from handmade paper to letter press lust.

I'm afraid my other guest spot must remain secret for now. Shhh...details, soon.